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Have you seen the show…

…Hillbilly Handfishin’ on Animal Planet?

You haven’t?

Here’s the idea. Go down into a muddy river at night (without a boat) and stick your hands, fingers, feet and toes into holes as bait for catching catfish.

If that sounds gross, disgusting and somewhat dangerous, you will probably enjoy watching this version instead.

[youtube x9VI_57fgTQ]

Tooth Brushing!

Friday night (1/16/09) we brushed Abigail’s teeth for the first time.


After Terry was done he let Abigail drive for a little bit–she thought it was pretty cool!


Here’s my sleepy baby just before she slept for 14 hours straight! I woke up at 9am and had to check and see if she was breathing!


A 3.5 month old baby started at daycare on Tuesday (1/20/09) and Abigail was so curious about her! She kept her eyes on her all day! Maybe Abigail will teach her how to roll over!