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Getting in touch with reality

On Saturday night while Terry & my father-in-law put up some sheetrock in our dining room I apparently went a little crazy.

I went into the basement to look at my yarn stash and decided to start a sweater for my youngest niece for Christmas out of Dream in Color Classy. While I was looking at all the different colors I thought it would be a great idea to knit some thick warm socks for my sister-in-law and my other 2 nieces while I was at it. Also for Christmas.

Then yesterday (Sunday) I said something to Terry about it and he felt the need to tell me just how many days I had to knit these things. Yesterday was the 5th and we are celebrating Christmas with that side of the family on the 18th. Which left me 13 days to knit 3 pairs of socks and a sweater during my free time (basically none) and while I’m nursing Elsie (I do this a lot). I have other things to do while I’m feeding Elsie though, like pay bills, work from home for my part-time job, read books to Abigail and try to catch up on the last 12 weeks of blog reading that I’m behind on. Oh yeah, and I’m trying to read the entire Bible in 90 days. Do I set some unrealistic goals for myself. No… I don’t think so:) If only I could figure out how to read and knit at the same time. Maybe if I wasn’t reading the Bible on my phone and needing to scroll the page up every few seconds it would work out better.

I guess I can show you what I did knit in the last month! We celebrated 4 months of birthdays over the Thanksgiving weekend and I made a couple of birthday presents.

I knit these socks for my sister.


I knit both a cowl…


…and a neck warmer for my sister-in-law.


I just love the buttons my mom helped me find for this!


Meeting The Pioneer Woman

Alternative Title Chosen by my husband : How a crazy lady spends her Saturday.

After reading some of the first hand accounts from the Little Rock book signing (some people waited 4 hours) I knew I needed to arrive early to the Mall of America on Saturday for The Pioneer Woman Cooks book signing. The signing started at 1pm so I thought arriving at noon would probably be a good idea and get me in and out a little faster. I told Terry we needed to arrive early and he suggested 10am. I laughed. I thought it was absurd to arrive that early. I know she has a big following but come on. Well, it turns out (and it usually does) that my dear husband was absolutely right in his 10am assessment.

So instead of heading right to the Mall of America at 10am we went to Jo-Ann Fabrics so I could pick out buttons for the sweater I just finished knitting for Abigail (I think I am as shocked as you that I’m posting knitting to the knitting blog 🙂 ). Might as well show a photo of it in it’s unblocked state (the edges will lay flat once I’m done).


I found the buttons I wanted pretty quickly then hopped over to the flannel aisle to find something to line a baby hat with. Abigail decided she needed to carry the bolt of fabric which worked out fine until she decided to start unrolling it on the floor. Then she had a tantrum. I was very appreciative to Terry since he was able to bring her out to the car while I waited to get my fabric cut. I could hear her screaming the whole time it took them to get out of the store. Fun times. 🙂

After all that we went to the Macaroni Grill for lunch. Terry had a gift card from his birthday and he was feeling like pasta. We had a nice time, Abigail really liked her macaroni and cheese and we really enjoyed helping her eat her caramel sundae.

We didn’t arrive at the Mall until 12:45 so I was feeling the pressure of being late then I got into Nordstrom Court and couldn’t see the end of the line. I was glad Terry dropped me off and went to his aunt’s house because it was going to be a long wait.

I didn’t get any great line pictures but this lady did! When she shows the line snaking past Caribou I was at the far left edge of that picture by Hanna Anderson (I can’t actually see myself but that’s where I was).

I met some really great people in line that for some crazy reason I didn’t take any pictures of. I think the Mall air must have clouded my picture taking sense. I also managed to have the camera on the wrong setting the entire time I was there.

About 30 minutes before my turn I noticed someone familiar up on stage getting her books signed. It was ChrisAnn from Love Feast Table! We met at the Mckmama Mudd Lake gathering and have been following each others’ blogs & twitter feeds since then. She has a picture of both of us posted here in her Pioneer Woman post.

Finally after 5.5 hours of standing, knitting, chatting, texting, calling & staring I got my 1.5 minutes with Ree Drummund The Pioneer Woman. She is just as charming & funny as her blog portrays and she’s even more gorgeous in person. I’d say the only thing that would have made it better is if there was Chocolate Sheet Cake at the table with her!


Ree, it was so nice to meet you and I hope you come back to visit MN again! Thanks for being just as gracious with me as you were with the hundreds before me!

March FOs


I finished this pair of socks (Rav link)on March 3rd for my brother Jon’s birthday.  This is his second pair from me and I can see how I’ve improved since his first pair 2 years ago. I used under one skein of Dream in Color Classy in Cocoa Kiss bought at 3 Kittens.


This is the Offset Wraplan (Rav link)I knit for my friend Eunice’s yet to be born baby girl. I would have to say that I think this turned out even cuter than I imagined. The more I look at the pictures the more sure I am that this is my favorite project finished object. I think part of the reason is that I reknit the buttons bands until they were done right and it made all the difference! I had to reknit the first one 3 times before I got it right (because I didn’t feel the need to read the directions). I finished this on March 14 using Wisdom Yarns Poems in colors 553 (2 skeins for main body-with 1 yard leftover!)  & 564 (about 1/2 a skein for the ribbing & button bands). I got this yarn at the Purple Iris & knit the 6-9 month size though I’d say it’s probably bigger than that.

I’ve actually started a second version in a larger size using Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Spirit in color 515. I picked this yarn up on


The final completed project this month was this sweet little bonnet (Rav link). I used The Unique Sheep Pima Petite in Silver bought from Eat.Sleep.Knit.

February FOs

This post will have a very small amount of knitting in it since I only finished one thing this month! A pair of socks.


These were knit using Knit Picks Felici in Mixed Berries. Knit Picks changes the colors of Felici it offers and I picked this color up on closeout.

I managed to get the stripes to basically match on both socks besides at the heel and toe but I’m pretty sure that is because the the stripe length was different and not anything I did. 🙂 I started these January 3rd and finished them February 21st. They are a basic 64 stitch sock knit on size US 1’s. The recipient  requested shorter cuffs so I obliged with a total cuff length of 5.5inches. I did an eye of partridge heel (at least I think so–I didn’t look it up I just did what had previously been described as one) and took a quick glance at the Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe so I didn’t have an uneven heel turn.

I have been working on another pair of socks that will be finished this week. I had hoped to get them into this post but last week was not great for knitting progress. I think the rest of this month will be relatively quiet.

Next weekend we will be spending some time with my family for a birthday celebration and then at the end of March daycare will be closed for a week while her family goes on vacation. Terry & I will be covering a couple days and then Terry’s mom is going to help us out too. I’m sure Abigail will think it’s great fun to have mom & dad stay home and have Grandma over too!

January FOs

My Finished Objects during January: 2 pairs of socks, 2 hats and I sewed the buttons on a sweater for Abigail that has been otherwise finished for a year!

My mom’s socks using Vermont O-wool:


The pattern is the Padded Footlets from Favorite Socks but without the padding.

My niece’s socks (if anyone knows her please don’t tell her I knit her socks!)


I used less than one skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sport in Sweetie for a child’s shoe size 1 (an 8 yr-old).

Our “Thorpes“:


We’ve been wearing them constantly in this cold weather so I haven’t had a chance to take a picture of them without a model. This picture is a little preview of our weekend–more to come soon!

I used Cascade Eco for Terry’s and made the large with no modifications. I did one extra crown increase (past the large size) on mine since the Nashua Vignette seemed to be knitting up a little smaller than I planned (what’s a swatch? 🙂 ) and I was determined to finally have a hat that would cover my ears!

Sorry no picture of the sweater with the buttons attached! The buttons are little white flowers. Abigail was napping while I worked on this and I decided I had better measure it to make sure it wasn’t going to be too small for her to wear. I knit the 6 month size (according to my prior post) and the sweater measures bigger around than the 12 month and in between the 6 & 12-month for the length. As soon as I finished I put it on Abigail and ran out the door to a Sunday afternoon party last week. I had to roll the sleeves up a little and it is pretty big around on her too. I’m so glad it will fit her for a while longer!

The last weekend

Christmas is coming so soon! I had a small amount of knitting to finish before Christmas but I pretty much gave up because it’s stressful to have so many things that have to be worked on and finished before a certain date. I prefer to relax or play with Abigail in the evening rather than feeling so much urgency to finish this or that particular project. I’m working on the Hemlock Ring Blanket adapted by Brooklyn Tweed & the Rainey Sisters at the moment. I’m using Cascade Ecological Wool and it is truly wonderful to work with! This is such a nice pattern because once you get to the Feather & Fan section there are 4 rows of stockinette stitch in between each pattern row so it’s great for working on in the car! I’m working on row 57 right now with 44 rows to go.

Truthfully this whole year has sped past me like a freight train. Who would have thought that having a new baby would use a lot of your free time? I love all the time I get to spend with dear Abigail, and she has grown very attached to us! The smiles, hugs & sloppy kisses when we get home are a true joy for both Terry & I. Though generally her kisses are only bestowed upon me!

I got a Cookie Press from Pampered Chef earlier this year because I know how much Terry likes spritz cookies. Making those is on the agenda for Saturday morning/early afternoon and then Kathy is coming over to watch Abigail while we go out. We’ll maybe do a little Christmas shopping since we’re out but it’s going to be a date night for us! I’m excited! I really like hanging out with my dear husband!

We’ve got about 1/2 the presents bought so far and none of them wrapped so that will be our Sunday and Monday project, along with finishing the purchases. We’re celebrating with Kathy on Tuesday so we’ve got to get those presents ready first! Everything else we can finish on Wednesday because we both have the day off! Abigail will have a shorter day at daycare so we can finish the last few things and then a Christmas Eve service at our church!

Have a fun last weekend before Christmas!

Sitting Up is Fun to do….

Last weekend Abigail spent quite a few hours with her cousin Melanie (who is 1 TODAY!). She decided sitting up to play (like Melanie does) is so much better than laying down and playing. She is becoming quite the master at it!



The two cousins (Abigail & Melanie) wore matching dresses on Sunday but I guess we never even took a picture of them together! They were very cute!

She also realized that tags are the best part of toys so here she is trying her hardest to get the tag and chew on it!

I did get some knitting done this weekend despite my cold.


That picture was on Friday night. After going to knitting last night I’m 1/2 an inch from starting the toe!

I also worked on a pair of mittens for Abigail while we were driving on Saturday but that was the worst day of my cold so I didn’t even get one done!

I Apologize

…for neglecting the blog for the last week.

A good friend of mine lost her job last week, then I got a cold & went away for the weekend so I’ve been busy.

Here’s my cutie on 10/15


and on 10/19 in the sweater I knit her (btw, it didn’t fit her as well a week later!)


That same day Terry went mountain biking with one of his friends from work.
This is Charlie,
Terry & I found out today that Charlie & Meagan are having a baby in May! Congratulations!

I don’t have the pictures uploaded from the weekend so that will have to be another post!

This past week Abigail has been sleeping better. She’s only getting up once between 4am & 5am rather than a couple times throughout the night. She also really likes sweet potatoes, thinks peas taste pretty good and isn’t totally sold on green beans. She did really want to try our pizza last night but I just don’t think it would taste the same pureed!

Interstate State Park

I had never heard of this place when Terry suggested it but I now realize people usually call it Taylors Falls or St Croix Falls. There actually aren’t “falls” anymore but we won’t get into details!

Terry decided we should go here as part of my birthday celebration and I thought it was a great idea! Terry’s mom came with us as an extra pair of hands to help with Abigail (but we really like to hang out with her too!).

We took over 400 pictures & it was absolutely beautiful so even though there are a lot of pictures in this post, it’s a very small percentage!


I worked on a pair of socks, learned how to use my new compass (really not that hard!) and then we ate some brats off the grill!
IMG_2597 IMG_2598

It was a wonderful day!

We got Abigail in the backpack then started out on our pothole tour!

I was knitting during the tour but I was trying to be careful and not drop a needle into any of the potholes!
IMG_2651 IMG_2652
No matter how much I liked my needles or needed them I don’t think I’d climb down to get one that dropped!

Abigail only made it in the backpack for a little while until she got hungry, thankfully our tour was basically done then. So we sat on part of the cliff and enjoyed the view!

The St. Croix River
IMG_2635 IMG_2634


We stopped at Schoony’s Malt shop for a little refreshment & to avoid the Asian beetles that were everywhere!

Abigail liked the view on the bridge to Wisconsin

Kathy & I were shocked to see potholes on the Wisconsin side too!

She enjoyed the fall walk in the sling/wrap
so much that she fell asleep! I had to tuck her head in so it wouldn’t flop around


Terry almost convinced his mom to scale the side of the cliff, but she decided getting in a pothole was more her style!


Terry was a little concerned while he was in this pothole, he said the “bottom” didn’t feel very solid!

She woke up!

We found a couple little friends along our walk


Here I am contemplating the Abigail sized pothole

Mommy you’re right! This is fun!

Now for Daddy’s idea!

What’s that?

The pine needles and pine cones were more interesting than mom!

What a cutie!


Terry took this awesome photo

On our way home Terry was looking everywhere for a yarn shop for me to stop at and I didn’t even ask him too! We found a cute one in Lindstrom, Miss Elsie’s Yarnery. It’s actually part of Cottage Gifts so they have more than just yarn! I found some great yarn, Nashua Vignette, it’s a bulky superwash wool in very pretty colors! I picked out the Distant Mountains color. I started a hat on Monday and I just have to do the finishing on it tonight and then start the matching mittens!