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I Apologize

…for neglecting the blog for the last week.

A good friend of mine lost her job last week, then I got a cold & went away for the weekend so I’ve been busy.

Here’s my cutie on 10/15


and on 10/19 in the sweater I knit her (btw, it didn’t fit her as well a week later!)


That same day Terry went mountain biking with one of his friends from work.
This is Charlie,
Terry & I found out today that Charlie & Meagan are having a baby in May! Congratulations!

I don’t have the pictures uploaded from the weekend so that will have to be another post!

This past week Abigail has been sleeping better. She’s only getting up once between 4am & 5am rather than a couple times throughout the night. She also really likes sweet potatoes, thinks peas taste pretty good and isn’t totally sold on green beans. She did really want to try our pizza last night but I just don’t think it would taste the same pureed!


We had a pretty quiet weekend at home.

I got some organizing and laundry done. Then a bit of knitting on the Caledonian Mist socks and plans for our next big birthday party are in the works!


Abigail looks pretty happy after her bath on Friday night doesn’t she?

Terry worked on the lawn and some residual dirt piles from putting in the patio.

I don’t think I ever posted a photo of the finished patio–I also didn’t take a picture of just the patio so bear with me–there is a cute baby in some of them!

We got a new patio set too!

He also went mountain biking on Sunday but I’ll let him tell you about that.


Don’t you think it looks fun?

Battle Creek

I did not conquer Battle Creek this past Saturday. I went, I tried to ride, I walked a lot, we turned around (not because of me–Trevor’s bike broke) and I went shopping (Old Navy $12 denim–One Day Only) while the others finished the ride. Trevor had to go to work so Terry, Charlie & Megan rode the whole trail without us. It took them about 1 1/2 hours. They saw the Wall of Death, the St Paul skyline & a big buck.


I assume this is the Wall of Death.  I’ve been told it is much steeper than the picture shows.


Here is the buck. It was bigger than the picture shows. It was sitting on the trail, then watched part of our group from about 10 feet off then it heard Terry & I coming and bounded off (apparently we are really loud).

The trails at Battle Creek, besides being thoroughly confusing, are the softest I’ve ever tried to ride. There was so much sand, loose gravel, HUGE hills, & ruts that I was exhausted before we even rode a majority of the trail. One of the hills was so steep (and soft I feared) that I wouldn’t even ride down it for fear of hurting myself.

Charlie & Megan are going to have to come try out one of the many trails we ride. I heard whispers of Minnesota River Bottoms!

Busy Week

Sunday night (aug 17) Abigail & Daddy had a great time hanging out on the floor reading stories & playing.


Then she decided that it was time to chew on her fist (she loves this!)


Monday we drove to REI to bring our bikes in for their Warranty Tune-ups.  I love REI! We saw the fellow that helped us find Terry’s bike and he was quite happy that we still liked it and he got to see Abigail too (she was just a BIG bulge last time)!

Tuesday was bath time w/Mommy after eating on the patio. I am usually the support person (grabbing towels, diaper, wipes, etc) while Terry does the actual bathing, but Terry was washing dishes so I washed Abigail!


Wednesday must be fun event night for us. Last week we went to the movies. This week we decided to go to the Mall of America as a last fun event since it is Jenna’s last week with us.

I got some sock knitting done while we wandered,


Terry ran into Barack Hussein Obama (Terry’s face isn’t because the sock doesn’t look good),


Abigail had a fun time looking at all the stores while she rode in her stroller,


Jenna did some shopping,


And then we had dessert at the Rainforest Cafe. Jenna & I shared a huge piece of cheesecake! Excellent!


We were shocked to discover that my brother (Jenna’s dad) was there too!


There was also a scary snake on our way out!


If we were part of “Man vs Wild” we would have killed and eaten it right there.

Tonight (Thursday) Terry is going back to REI to pick up our bikes and I have my knitting group.

Tomorrow (Friday) Jenna’s mom is coming to get her and I’m bringing Casey in to get groomed!

What a week!

Our “New” Hobby

Terry and I have been avidly mountain biking since last summer when we were introduced to Lebanon Hills in Eagan.  It was an amazing trail that was more intense than we were prepared for, but very fun.  One of the best things is getting to ride through the woods, see the scenery (haha) and be in the shade! Most of the time you’re staring at the trail immediately ahead of you so you don’t see a whole lot of scenery unless you’re stopping for a water break, but it is a lot of fun and great exercise! We did go mountain biking prior to the Lebanon trek but I prefer to think of it as our first “good” mountain biking experience–please refer to the following link to get the full story.

*If you want to learn the importance of drinking water while mountain biking and a little about the Minnesota River Bottoms trail you should read this post.*

Earlier this summer Terry & Trevor biked Battle Creek, Salem HIlls & Minnesota River Bottoms.

These are pictures from the River Bottoms Trail.

IMG_0960 IMG_0965


A couple weeks ago we (Terry, Tracey & I) biked Salem Hills. It was my first time out since having Abigail, and really my first time since last September. It was pretty rough on me but I made it up most of the hills without stopping and it was a nice area to bike in. My arms got a little scraped from close raspberry bushes but that was the closest I got to getting hurt. I got a new bike from REI which made the biking much easier than last year. It is a hardtail with lockout front suspension (Scott Aspect 55). My previous bike was a cheap full suspension and I lost so much power from the rear suspension that it make biking much more difficult.

This Saturday we (Terry, Tracey & I) went to Murphy-Hanrehan which is south of Savage. This was a pretty sweet ride.  Some real steep hils and tons of berms and quite curvy! I really need to learn how to slide the turns (like drifting in a car) instead of turning them. We only rode the Beginner & Intermediate because Tracey & I were getting tired and the Expert course would have added another 7 miles on to our ride!  One thing that helped so much more this week was that Terry and I had our hydration bladders (Camelbaks) along instead of a water bottle.  We didn’t have to make so many stops & I know I stayed more hydrated than if I’d had to grab a bottle when I needed a drink.

IMG_1325 IMG_1313

Next Saturday we’re biking Battle Creek with one of Terry’s work friends & his wife.

Abigail has gotten quality time with Grandma Kathy each time we go out!