A Whole Lot of Beets

Beets aren’t a real popular vegetable but my husband & daughter (you know, the one that eats solid food) absolutely love them. We planted them in our garden last year and again this year.

Last week was beet week. On Thursday I ran out to the garden during naptime and picked enough beets to fill my stock pot. I washed the soil off, trimmed the tops & the roots. Then you add the beets to the pot, fill with cold water and boil until fork tender.

These beets have just been taken out of the pot and are cooling for a bit in the sink. As soon as they are cool enough to handle you basically rub the skin off. It’s easier than it sounds. 🙂


Here they are all skinned and ready to be cut up and frozen.


And this picture I just thought looked cool.


I picked another batch on Friday with Abigail helping me before naptime and then again Friday night by flashlight because it was supposed to frost on Saturday.

We froze 6 cups on Thursday, 6 cups on Friday and 26 cups on Sunday (these beets filled my 4 largest pots) for a total of 38 cups of beets frozen for the winter from last week. We did process some beets earlier in the year too so we have more than that total in the freezer.