My First Day

Today was my first day on my own at my new job.

I know it seems pretty early to be going to work after having a baby just 2 weeks ago but it was time.

I have 2 bosses and so far the older one is proving to be a little more demanding than the other at about 2pm and again around 5pm.

They are super cute though. πŸ™‚

IMG_8577 IMG_8477

Today I started my journey as a stay-at-home-mom.

I would say my first day went pretty well.

-Abigail woke up at 8 and we ate cereal while Elsie slept.

-We all got dressed to go to Elsie’s 2-week check-up and Abigail helped me by grabbing last minute things like shoes, jackets & the diaper bag while I fed Elsie.

-We made it out the door & to Elsie’s appointment on time.

-No toddlers ran away from me in the parking lot.

-We arrived home and Abigail & I worked on an art project while Elsie napped.

-A friend stopped over for a few minutes and was greeted by a mostly clean house, a mostly behaved toddler & a cute baby.

-Abigail had a meltdown when I asked her to use the potty before her nap. We tried to work through it and I finally just put her to bed thinking I would have to wash her sheets later. She woke up dry.

-All three of us napped at the same time today and we all woke up after Terry got home from work.

-We had chili that I put in the freezer about 5 weeks ago for supper. It was a recipe I had never tried before and we all enjoyed it. I split it into 2 gallon freezer bags and one of them would be enough for 4-5 adults. Terry is bringing some to work for lunch and then we have another meal of chili ready to go for later in the week.

I am glad my first day went well. I know every day won’t be productive or I won’t feel motivated to write a blog post about how it all went but today was a good day.

Today’s lesson learned: Naptime is a wonderful time of day.

Elsie’s Birth Story

Our sweet second daughter is 10 days old today.

Here is her story.

On September 4th I was 36 weeks and we made a trip to the hospital at 1:30am because I was have contractions 2-3 minutes apart. I had progressed from 1cm dilated (at my dr. appt. the day before) to 3cm but my contractions were not very strong. We went home. We spent each day wondering if today would be the day.

September 10th I had my 37 week Dr. appointment. Everything looked good but there was no change from the previous week at the hospital. Terry and I were not too disappointed because this was a big weekend for us and we needed toΒ  be available.

Terry is running for MN House of Representatives and September 10-12 is our town’s annual celebration. This was going to be Terry’s big opportunity for getting his name out to a massive number of voters during the parade on Saturday & during the Community Expo on Sunday.

Saturday, September 11th, I walked the whole parade route on plus another 5-6 blocks home for a total of 2 miles on Saturday. It felt like my belly was tight the entire time.


I had a random person at the end of the parade tell me I looked like the baby had dropped. I wasn’t real optimistic. I was tired by the time I got home and ready to just chill. I was able to relax that day.

Sunday, September 12th, I got up and took Abigail to church and had another person tell me it looked like the baby was real low. I noted later that it was much easier to carry Abigail on my hip (or closer to my hip) than it had been recently. Abigail and I then went to the Community Expo to help out Terry for the afternoon. We lasted a couple of hours before both Abigail and I needed to go home and take naps.

Elsie was usually quite active as soon as my belly would hit the mattress but she didn’t really seem like herself that afternoon. Just before I got up from my nap I felt a couple of very tiny light kicks but that was about it. I started to get a little nervous when I thought about how little I had felt her move in the last day. I put a call in to my sister to ask her opinion. She also told me I only had 31 hours left if I wanted to give her a niece as a birthday present. πŸ™‚ I laughed, what were the chances of that happening?

I decided to call the dr. and see what she thought. We decided to run to the hospital for some quick monitoring to make sure everything was okay. We left at 8pm (Abigail’s bedtime) and brought her with us. We told her we were just going to listen to Elsie’s heartbeat and we wouldn’t be bringing a baby home. We ended up getting checked out in the hospital room Abigail was born in. We thought that was pretty special for Abigail to get to see and she was so thrilled when we told her.

It turned out Elsie was just fine and they sent us home. Abigail was disappointed we were going home and told us she didn’t want to go home she wanted to have a baby. As we drove home we told her that we wanted Elsie to come too but it wasn’t going to happen that night. We told her she could pray and ask God to help baby Elsie come soon. So she prayed in the car on our way home and then she fell asleep.

We arrived home at about 10pm, cleaned up a few things, I did some laundry and we got to bed at about 11:30pm. I remember waking up and feeling weird then I realized I was having a contraction. I went back to sleep and woke up to another contraction. It was a pretty strong contraction compared to what I had the previous week. I shifted and felt a little…ah…gurgle. I said “oh no” or “uh oh” or something like that. Terry woke up and asked me what what wrong. I told him I would stand up to confirm what I thought had happened. I stood, felt a gush and rushed across the hall to the bathroom. My water had broken. I looked at the clock thinking it must be 2 or 3am only to find it was 12:34am. We had only been in bed for 1 hour. Terry called his mom to come and stay with Abigail and started rushing around to make sure we had everything ready. I called the Dr. She asked how often I was having contractions and I said I didn’t know exactly but I had had 3 contractions in the 10 minutes between my water breaking and my call to her.

She said to come on back to the hospital. Terry continued to rush around getting things ready for us to go. He also picked up a few things around the house and filled the dishwasher while we waited for his mom to arrive. While he was doing that, I opened up my contraction timer app on my phone and tried to get dressed in between contractions. They were coming every 2-2.5 minutes apart and pretty quickly I needed to kneel by the bed and breathe through each one. At that point I told Terry if his mom didn’t arrive soon we were not going to make it to the hospital. He called her and found out she was pretty close. We left the lights on and the dogs roaming the house.

We made it out to the car and started driving. I was glad we had a practice run earlier in the day because I was not going to be able to give Terry directions to the hospital. The drive to the hospital was pretty rough and my contractions were getting even stronger. At one point I thought I was going to throw up and Terry found a place to pull over on the freeway. The feeling mostly passed and I told him he’d better keep driving. We pulled up to the emergency entrance and the security guard retrieved a wheelchair for me while I crouched on the floor to make it through a contraction. Terry parked the car and raced up to the maternity ward.

I ended up back in the same room as I was monitored in earlier. I did throw up as soon as I was wheeled into the room. Terry helped me put my gown on and I was hooked up to the monitors at 1:30am. I gripped Terry’s hand and used some version of the breathing techniques they taught us in the birthing class we took before Abigail was born over 2 years ago to get through the contractions. Terry told me he was surprised how hard I squeezed his hand.

The nurse asked me some questions and then checked me. I was dilated to 7cm. Three contractions later I had a definite urge to push and a burning sensation. They called the doctor in from the next room and she confirmed that I was completely dilated. She said I could push with my next contraction because it might make me feel better. I pushed. The doctor got all ready, I pushed once more and Elsie’s head was out, then pushed again to deliver her shoulders.

Elsie Neriah Pearson was born at 2:03am on September 13th, 2010. She was 6lbs 12oz and 20 inches long.


She was born at 37 weeks 2 days gestation and just 1 hour & 29 minutes after my water broke at home. We were at the hospital for 33 minutes. It was a little close for comfort, but we made it. I was thrilled to be able to call my sister at 7am and tell her I did give her a niece for a birthday present!

We became a family of 4 that morning and we have been loving it for the last 10 days.