Knock-Knock Joke the First

Tonight we were at IKEA sharing an ice cream cone with Abigail when she told us her first knock-knock joke.

Abigail: knock knock
Terry: who’s there?
Abigail: Hannah (one of her dolls)
Terry: Hannah who?
Abigail: um, ice cream (then she giggled)

Hopefully this will just be the first installment of original jokes by Abigail!

2 thoughts on “Knock-Knock Joke the First”

  1. That is so cute!! Jacob tries at Knock Knock to.

    Knock Knock
    Who’s there?
    Surprise Who?

    He watches a LOT of Cinderella with Moira. 🙂 LOVE the knock knock joke Abigail!

  2. Yea for Abigail. Honey that is really good. Grandma likes Knock Knock jokes too so you can tell Grandma some. Was the ice cream good? Grandma loves you!

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