Flying Dutchman Ghostly Gangplank – Take Two

Looks like my husband got his post about our fun yesterday on the Flying Dutchman Ghostly Gangplank at the Mall of America finished before I could. He posted some real good pictures so I will just show you a couple others. Please go and read his post and check out the rest of the awesome pictures he took yesterday!

Even though Abigail is really into the “forced smile stage” I think this is a cute picture of us girls!


Now onto the Ghostly Gangplank pictures!

This crossing is on the first level. Since there wasn’t a line Terry was able to get right underneath us for some cool shots.



I think this one is from the second level.


Here Tracey & I are on the highest level, we had both already walked the plank and sounded the horn. It was so much easier at this point. We felt confident and happy that we had met the challenge!


As we went down we went over a few of the more challenging crossings again and then met up with Terry, Abigail & Mike (Grandpa).

I really like this picture Tracey took of Terry & I. I was feeling a little warm having just finished about an hour on the ropes course but I like how it turned out. Too bad Abigail was off having fun with Grandpa Mike in Best Buy otherwise we could have had a great family photo!


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