Meeting The Pioneer Woman

Alternative Title Chosen by my husband : How a crazy lady spends her Saturday.

After reading some of the first hand accounts from the Little Rock book signing (some people waited 4 hours) I knew I needed to arrive early to the Mall of America on Saturday for The Pioneer Woman Cooks book signing. The signing started at 1pm so I thought arriving at noon would probably be a good idea and get me in and out a little faster. I told Terry we needed to arrive early and he suggested 10am. I laughed. I thought it was absurd to arrive that early. I know she has a big following but come on. Well, it turns out (and it usually does) that my dear husband was absolutely right in his 10am assessment.

So instead of heading right to the Mall of America at 10am we went to Jo-Ann Fabrics so I could pick out buttons for the sweater I just finished knitting for Abigail (I think I am as shocked as you that I’m posting knitting to the knitting blog 🙂 ). Might as well show a photo of it in it’s unblocked state (the edges will lay flat once I’m done).


I found the buttons I wanted pretty quickly then hopped over to the flannel aisle to find something to line a baby hat with. Abigail decided she needed to carry the bolt of fabric which worked out fine until she decided to start unrolling it on the floor. Then she had a tantrum. I was very appreciative to Terry since he was able to bring her out to the car while I waited to get my fabric cut. I could hear her screaming the whole time it took them to get out of the store. Fun times. 🙂

After all that we went to the Macaroni Grill for lunch. Terry had a gift card from his birthday and he was feeling like pasta. We had a nice time, Abigail really liked her macaroni and cheese and we really enjoyed helping her eat her caramel sundae.

We didn’t arrive at the Mall until 12:45 so I was feeling the pressure of being late then I got into Nordstrom Court and couldn’t see the end of the line. I was glad Terry dropped me off and went to his aunt’s house because it was going to be a long wait.

I didn’t get any great line pictures but this lady did! When she shows the line snaking past Caribou I was at the far left edge of that picture by Hanna Anderson (I can’t actually see myself but that’s where I was).

I met some really great people in line that for some crazy reason I didn’t take any pictures of. I think the Mall air must have clouded my picture taking sense. I also managed to have the camera on the wrong setting the entire time I was there.

About 30 minutes before my turn I noticed someone familiar up on stage getting her books signed. It was ChrisAnn from Love Feast Table! We met at the Mckmama Mudd Lake gathering and have been following each others’ blogs & twitter feeds since then. She has a picture of both of us posted here in her Pioneer Woman post.

Finally after 5.5 hours of standing, knitting, chatting, texting, calling & staring I got my 1.5 minutes with Ree Drummund The Pioneer Woman. She is just as charming & funny as her blog portrays and she’s even more gorgeous in person. I’d say the only thing that would have made it better is if there was Chocolate Sheet Cake at the table with her!


Ree, it was so nice to meet you and I hope you come back to visit MN again! Thanks for being just as gracious with me as you were with the hundreds before me!

4 thoughts on “Meeting The Pioneer Woman”

  1. Jessica, I was one of the crazy ladies standing in line with you for the ENTIRE afternoon on Saturday, November 21. I’m glad that I found your knitting blog! (And, by the way, I love the sweater that you have pictured above.) It was great to meet you that day and have pleasant people with which to while away the hours. I promised my friend, Andrea, that she could slap me silly if I ever suggested a book signing as an activity in the future.

    I agree, instead of t-shirts they should have given away a piece of chocolate sheet cake after that wait!

    1. So glad you found me Karen! Thanks for the great company! My husband is still giving me a hard time about how much time I spent waiting for an autograph but then he was looking at the cookbook this weekend and was impressed that the recipes are so “normal”. He told me to start cooking!

  2. I just got her cookbook and it is awesome. I love all the pictures and the stories behind the recipes. I haven’t made anything from it yet, but I have a bunch of pages marked.

    The sweater you made is beautiful! So impressive. There is a group of women at my church who meet every Monday night and knit. I was told that they teach newcomers and am thinking about joining in the Spring. I’ve always wanted to learn – I’ve tried a few times but I am left-handed and it must be like dancing with two left feet b/c I am very clumsy at knitting.

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