18 months

Abigail is such a cuddler lately! She loves to come up next to us on the couch or chair and be held, it is so fun!

Abigail had her 18 month check-up on Friday (Nov 6).

Weight: 33lbs 1oz
Height: 34.25 inches
Head: 18.25 inches

She is growing just fine and got herself 4 bandaids to bring home.

We were going to bring her to daycare late but got a call before we left for the doctor that they were going to have to close early because both of the ladies weren’t feeling well. So Terry came home early so I could go to work for the afternoon.

Abigail had a good nap, a late lunch and then the two of them piled in the car to head over to Como Zoo. Unfortunately, they got there just as it closed for the day. So instead they walked around a park nearby, saw some ducks, played in the leaves and shared a granola bar.



“Daddy, why are you taking pictures of me chewing?”


Terry & I were chatting on our way home and realized we were really close to each other and Sam’s Club. We met up there for some free samples, cheap supper, 25lbs of flour and a set of half sheet pans. I’ll tell you later what that last item was for!

We walked down the toy aisle with Abigail and she immediately latched on to a big box filled with a doll stroller, pack’n’play, bassinet & diaper bag. She was so excited about it that she wanted to pick up the box and bring it with us! I had to explain to her that we couldn’t bring it home now and she might get something like it for Christmas and she finally released her hold on it and we walked away. There was a little bit of crying and stubbornness but she did very well overall.

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  1. awww. My two did something the same at Target today! They saw toys, Jacob picked them up and started to throw them in the cart and Moira just was so mesmerized she just froze at something she liked unable to move or talk! It took a while to get both away from the toys with words like.. Hey Guys, Christmas is coming.. I promise..soon. You never know what you may get then so you don’t want mommy to buy something now. It kinda worked. They moved on, unhappily for a moment but they got over it. 🙂 Glad your girl is growing, she is so beautiful, the hair, the eyes…sigh…. 🙂 Good to hear

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