A baby no longer

Though she has a renewed passion for “Rock-A-Bye” recently (not just the song but also being rocked in our arms over and over and over) there are only memories left of her time as a baby. Our sweet little girl is now 17 months old.

She doesn’t sit still long enough for us to simply stare at her like we did in the past. Our evenings have become more fun as we play with her dollhouse, take her doggie on a walk around the house and put her stuffed animals in her highchair complete with bib when they are hungry. She loves story time in the evening and tries her best to copy us when we add actions to the stories. She will start spinning in a circle when she wants to play “Ring Around the Rosy” and she will do it over and over until she can’t stand up anymore!

Abigail is a baby no longer but we wouldn’t want it any other way!

2009-09-26 12.18.17