The Many Faces of Abigail






All these photos were taken while we were waiting for Terry and my dad to complete the Flying Dutchman Ghostly Gangplank at the Mall of America.


Terry is at the uppermost section on the right side and my dad is in the middle of the photo about to go across a diagonal section (he’s pretty hidden though). They had a great time but said it was a little scarier than it looks once you’re up there!


It’s a great deal though, only $6 to enter and you can stay on the course as long as you want. If you want to go up multiple times per day an unlimited pass is only $10. Next time I’m going to go up too!

4 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Abigail”

  1. She has amazing eyes Jessica! Beautiful! I wouldn’t go on that thing if they paid ME the $6-$10!!! I’m to much a wuss for heights! Glad to see you guys having fun! Some day I’m going to take the family to the MoA. Ryan hasn’t been out to MN ever and he HAS to meet that side of the family eventually. We should get together and plan a play date there. Maybe in a year or two we’ll make it over/up..where ever.

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