I guess I’m due to give a little Abigail update since it’s been over a month since I gave you any pictures of her.

She’s up to 10 teeth now 4 on top & 6 on the bottom. Also, a child at daycare used their teeth to make an imprint on Abigail’s arm yesterday. That’s all I have to say about teeth. Oh, and she still loves to brush her teeth at night. Speaking of brushing she loves to use my brush on her own hair and Terry’s but I haven’t let her near mine yet.

On a side note, I have been knitting but I haven’t taken any pictures so you’ll just have to trust me on that one.

So back to Abigail.

At daycare she made me the cutest handtowel for Mother’s Day. Not a great picture of the towel but the cutest pic of Abigail! It’s her footprints in a heart shape!

One really neat present she got from my parents for her birthday was a doll I received as a present for my first birthday!

My mom washed, fixed, restuffed & added a belly button.
She does really like it despite her expression in the photo.

We got a free 1st birthday cake from Lunds & Byerly’s.

She also enjoyed that. Mostly just the frosting though!

Abigail helped Trevor open his birthday present from us and then got inside it (with a little help)!
IMG_6269 IMG_6273

We took a walk in the park near our house about a week later.
We found a stick later to give her to play with and she had lots of fun tapping & poking Terry’s shoulders with it.
She also loved the swings!

Memorial Day Weekend we spent camping at Terry’s mom’s house. We had a relaxing weekend. You can read about the one part of the weekend that was less relaxing here.
Isn’t this a great picture? We worked on teaching her how to throw the “donut” to Hershey that weekend. She’s getting it & it keeps them both entertained!

She is looking like a big girl trying to get past the barrier in front of the stairs. She’s wearing big girl clothes too!

2009-05-30 18.15.23
We went to a graduation party in Isanti for a cousin and she managed to get in a swing here too! She also had two of the worst almost overflowing dirty diapers within a half hour of each other while we were there!

This past weekend we had a wedding to attend near my hometown. It was outside and the weather was gorgeous!

My sweet Abigail wanted to runĀ  around rather than sit (who can blame her after a 3 hour car ride!) but she paused long enough to get this picture taken.
2009-06-13 16.23.10

These two have been friends for a long long time and all of their friends & family were so happy they finally saw what we’ve seen for years!
2009-06-13 16.30.13

What a joy it is to be married to your best friend!