Happy Birthday Abigail!

Terry summed it up best on his blog so I’m just going to add some new pictures.

Not too messy!


A new chair & some farm animals.


Ready to open her presents.


Enjoying her birthday supper at CiCi’s Pizza.


Having fun at the Tax Cut Rally.


After feeding herself some oatmeal a couple days ago.


Trying to stowaway in Grandma’s suitcase for a trip to Hawaii.


Both Mommy & Daddy are so proud of all you have accomplished in the last year!

One thought on “Happy Birthday Abigail!”

  1. I LOVE THE PHOTOS!!!! EEKEKEK, a whole year old? wow. Your going to have so much fun this next year! I’m going to go check out Terry’s blog now to read about the Birthday. 🙂

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