10 Months of Sweetness

Cross posted on AbigailPearson.com.

Our sweet Abigail is 10 months old today.


In the last month Abigail has become increasingly mobile.

  • She now crawls, climbs & cruises on the furniture.
  • She can get off her toy car by herself.
  • Go from crawling to sitting to standing in a matter of seconds.
  • She walks along our new furniture and the kitchen chairs at daycare, even getting stuck under the table one day this week!
  • She discovered the “circle” in our house and has taken to doing laps with daddy in the evenings. On Wednesday night she made it around 7 times before getting tired (or was it daddy that got tired? 🙂 )


February FOs

This post will have a very small amount of knitting in it since I only finished one thing this month! A pair of socks.


These were knit using Knit Picks Felici in Mixed Berries. Knit Picks changes the colors of Felici it offers and I picked this color up on closeout.

I managed to get the stripes to basically match on both socks besides at the heel and toe but I’m pretty sure that is because the the stripe length was different and not anything I did. 🙂 I started these January 3rd and finished them February 21st. They are a basic 64 stitch sock knit on size US 1’s. The recipient  requested shorter cuffs so I obliged with a total cuff length of 5.5inches. I did an eye of partridge heel (at least I think so–I didn’t look it up I just did what had previously been described as one) and took a quick glance at the Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe so I didn’t have an uneven heel turn.

I have been working on another pair of socks that will be finished this week. I had hoped to get them into this post but last week was not great for knitting progress. I think the rest of this month will be relatively quiet.

Next weekend we will be spending some time with my family for a birthday celebration and then at the end of March daycare will be closed for a week while her family goes on vacation. Terry & I will be covering a couple days and then Terry’s mom is going to help us out too. I’m sure Abigail will think it’s great fun to have mom & dad stay home and have Grandma over too!