9 Months Stats

We knew our sweet Abigail was growing and her doctor’s appointment on Friday (2/13/09) confirmed just that!

Abigail weighed 26lbs 11ozs and measured 29.75 inches tall! She’s also got at least 6 teeth. When we stick our fingers in there to count they usually get bitten/chewed on so it’s not  safe to check very often!


Sorry for the blurry/grainy picture but it is a good representation of our evenings. Abigail loves to crawl off our laps and explore everything!

And here is a preview of our green President’s Day weekend! Can you guess what the theme was?

Hi/Lo Thursday

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Our HIGHS for the week:

Terry & I got to spend a few hours out by ourselves for our anniversary on Sunday while Grandpa Mike watched Abigail.

Tuesday night’s Ticket to Ride connection group was awesome. I got to hold a new little baby and meet a couple brand new to our church.

Our LOWS for the week:

The auditors were at work this week. I felt very stressed because it was important to take care of them before doing my normal work because they are onsite for such a short time. I’m so glad I got to come home to the smiling faces of Terry & Abigail every night!

Nine Months and Counting

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Abigail turned nine months old yesterday. We are very excited that she is growing so fast.


The last three months have brought many exciting changes in her life, including:

  • New Daycare – She began going to a daycare in Eagan, and she loves it. There are two other kids that are close to her age and she adores them. One of them is older and one is younger. Everyday she comes home with a smile on her face (As a side note, she often also comes home with dirty clothes from some pretty amazing diaper blowouts!).
  • Solid foods – Not too long ago, Abigail had barely eaten solid foods. Three months ago, solid foods were somewhat of a novelty for her. Now, she has three meals a day that are solids. She loves the pasta baby foods like “Lasagna in meat sauce.” She is also a big fan of Pizza crust (she shares with her daddy), Pancakes, Kix, and Crackers.
  • Crawling – Yep, that’s right. She is now moving around the house. She began crawling like a normal crawl on Wednesday, February 4th. Before that, she opted for the “scoot and roll method.”
  • Church Nursery – Abigail is now spending Sunday morning in the church nursery. Now that she is becoming mobile, this is a great location for her.
  • Weekend away from mommy and daddy – She got to spend a whole weekend with her grandma (Kathy Pearson) while her mom and dad went up to Two Harbors. This was the first time that both of us were gone overnight from her. She did great.


January FOs

My Finished Objects during January: 2 pairs of socks, 2 hats and I sewed the buttons on a sweater for Abigail that has been otherwise finished for a year!

My mom’s socks using Vermont O-wool:


The pattern is the Padded Footlets from Favorite Socks but without the padding.

My niece’s socks (if anyone knows her please don’t tell her I knit her socks!)


I used less than one skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sport in Sweetie for a child’s shoe size 1 (an 8 yr-old).

Our “Thorpes“:


We’ve been wearing them constantly in this cold weather so I haven’t had a chance to take a picture of them without a model. This picture is a little preview of our weekend–more to come soon!

I used Cascade Eco for Terry’s and made the large with no modifications. I did one extra crown increase (past the large size) on mine since the Nashua Vignette seemed to be knitting up a little smaller than I planned (what’s a swatch? 🙂 ) and I was determined to finally have a hat that would cover my ears!

Sorry no picture of the sweater with the buttons attached! The buttons are little white flowers. Abigail was napping while I worked on this and I decided I had better measure it to make sure it wasn’t going to be too small for her to wear. I knit the 6 month size (according to my prior post) and the sweater measures bigger around than the 12 month and in between the 6 & 12-month for the length. As soon as I finished I put it on Abigail and ran out the door to a Sunday afternoon party last week. I had to roll the sleeves up a little and it is pretty big around on her too. I’m so glad it will fit her for a while longer!