Tooth Brushing!

Friday night (1/16/09) we brushed Abigail’s teeth for the first time.


After Terry was done he let Abigail drive for a little bit–she thought it was pretty cool!


Here’s my sleepy baby just before she slept for 14 hours straight! I woke up at 9am and had to check and see if she was breathing!


A 3.5 month old baby started at daycare on Tuesday (1/20/09) and Abigail was so curious about her! She kept her eyes on her all day! Maybe Abigail will teach her how to roll over!

2 thoughts on “Tooth Brushing!”

  1. I love looking at your pictures, it keeps me up dated on how Abigail is growing and all that she can do, and of course I like seeing her mom and dad too. It’s good watching all of you and all your family.It looks like she likes brushing her teeth.[smiles]

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