Holiday Update Part One

I know this post is super late…sorry.

We spent Thanksgiving day with one set of Terry’s grandparents. We celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas in the same day with them because they usually leave for Arizona within a couple days of the celebration.

Abigail got a sock monkey her Great-Grandma made her.


Abigail with Great-Grandma, Great-Grandpa & some cousins:

IMG_3296 IMG_3284 IMG_3272

Then we drove to my parents house and celebrated Thanksgiving & birthdays on Saturday (11/29).

I got an awesome set of purple glasses:


Alyssa got an outfit to match Abigail’s:


Terry got an AMC gift card (we used it on Christmas Eve to go to Four Christmases)

Paul got some Camo Socks:

*sorry the picture is blurry

And everyone tried out Terry’s Ab Roller:


Next up was Christmas cookie/candy making.


Abigail got to hang out with Great-Uncle Terry & her cousins Jody & Natalie:

IMG_3455 IMG_3450

I got together one night with some gals from college and we made gingerbread houses:


In line at Gerten’s waiting to meet Santa


On Santa’s lap


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