Tooth Brushing!

Friday night (1/16/09) we brushed Abigail’s teeth for the first time.


After Terry was done he let Abigail drive for a little bit–she thought it was pretty cool!


Here’s my sleepy baby just before she slept for 14 hours straight! I woke up at 9am and had to check and see if she was breathing!


A 3.5 month old baby started at daycare on Tuesday (1/20/09) and Abigail was so curious about her! She kept her eyes on her all day! Maybe Abigail will teach her how to roll over!

Happy 8 Months!

Abigail has 3 teeth, she’s working on her 4th and she is so close to figuring out how to crawl! She waves all the time when we pick her up from daycare or come home from work. She is an awesome baby and we are so happy we get to love her every day!


Hey Uncle Trevor…don’t worry, I think I can pay for supper. One chicken nugget will fill you up right?

Holiday Update Part One

I know this post is super late…sorry.

We spent Thanksgiving day with one set of Terry’s grandparents. We celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas in the same day with them because they usually leave for Arizona within a couple days of the celebration.

Abigail got a sock monkey her Great-Grandma made her.


Abigail with Great-Grandma, Great-Grandpa & some cousins:

IMG_3296 IMG_3284 IMG_3272

Then we drove to my parents house and celebrated Thanksgiving & birthdays on Saturday (11/29).

I got an awesome set of purple glasses:


Alyssa got an outfit to match Abigail’s:


Terry got an AMC gift card (we used it on Christmas Eve to go to Four Christmases)

Paul got some Camo Socks:

*sorry the picture is blurry

And everyone tried out Terry’s Ab Roller:


Next up was Christmas cookie/candy making.


Abigail got to hang out with Great-Uncle Terry & her cousins Jody & Natalie:

IMG_3455 IMG_3450

I got together one night with some gals from college and we made gingerbread houses:


In line at Gerten’s waiting to meet Santa


On Santa’s lap