The last weekend

Christmas is coming so soon! I had a small amount of knitting to finish before Christmas but I pretty much gave up because it’s stressful to have so many things that have to be worked on and finished before a certain date. I prefer to relax or play with Abigail in the evening rather than feeling so much urgency to finish this or that particular project. I’m working on the Hemlock Ring Blanket adapted by Brooklyn Tweed & the Rainey Sisters at the moment. I’m using Cascade Ecological Wool and it is truly wonderful to work with! This is such a nice pattern because once you get to the Feather & Fan section there are 4 rows of stockinette stitch in between each pattern row so it’s great for working on in the car! I’m working on row 57 right now with 44 rows to go.

Truthfully this whole year has sped past me like a freight train. Who would have thought that having a new baby would use a lot of your free time? I love all the time I get to spend with dear Abigail, and she has grown very attached to us! The smiles, hugs & sloppy kisses when we get home are a true joy for both Terry & I. Though generally her kisses are only bestowed upon me!

I got a Cookie Press from Pampered Chef earlier this year because I know how much Terry likes spritz cookies. Making those is on the agenda for Saturday morning/early afternoon and then Kathy is coming over to watch Abigail while we go out. We’ll maybe do a little Christmas shopping since we’re out but it’s going to be a date night for us! I’m excited! I really like hanging out with my dear husband!

We’ve got about 1/2 the presents bought so far and none of them wrapped so that will be our Sunday and Monday project, along with finishing the purchases. We’re celebrating with Kathy on Tuesday so we’ve got to get those presents ready first! Everything else we can finish on Wednesday because we both have the day off! Abigail will have a shorter day at daycare so we can finish the last few things and then a Christmas Eve service at our church!

Have a fun last weekend before Christmas!

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