Sitting Up is Fun to do….

Last weekend Abigail spent quite a few hours with her cousin Melanie (who is 1 TODAY!). She decided sitting up to play (like Melanie does) is so much better than laying down and playing. She is becoming quite the master at it!



The two cousins (Abigail & Melanie) wore matching dresses on Sunday but I guess we never even took a picture of them together! They were very cute!

She also realized that tags are the best part of toys so here she is trying her hardest to get the tag and chew on it!

I did get some knitting done this weekend despite my cold.


That picture was on Friday night. After going to knitting last night I’m 1/2 an inch from starting the toe!

I also worked on a pair of mittens for Abigail while we were driving on Saturday but that was the worst day of my cold so I didn’t even get one done!


It is my dear husband Terry’s 27th birthday today!


I am so proud of everything he has done.

He decided that going back to college was really important to him and to our future. He did that very well and found an amazing job with great people to work with when he was finished. He convinced me to do the same and I am better for having done it!

He is an absolutely wonderful dad! I couldn’t do this parenting thing without him! He is so sweet, caring and fun with Abigail and she loves to play with him!

Terry is a really wonderful husband. He is so caring, helpful and encouraging to me! When he really likes something he wants everyone else he cares about to try it too and hopefully they will enjoy it just as much! He did get me into mountain biking & strategy games and I really like being able to enjoy those things with him!

Terry, thank you for letting me enjoy the past 5.73 years with you! I can’t wait to see what our future holds!

Happy Birthday!

I Apologize

…for neglecting the blog for the last week.

A good friend of mine lost her job last week, then I got a cold & went away for the weekend so I’ve been busy.

Here’s my cutie on 10/15


and on 10/19 in the sweater I knit her (btw, it didn’t fit her as well a week later!)


That same day Terry went mountain biking with one of his friends from work.
This is Charlie,
Terry & I found out today that Charlie & Meagan are having a baby in May! Congratulations!

I don’t have the pictures uploaded from the weekend so that will have to be another post!

This past week Abigail has been sleeping better. She’s only getting up once between 4am & 5am rather than a couple times throughout the night. She also really likes sweet potatoes, thinks peas taste pretty good and isn’t totally sold on green beans. She did really want to try our pizza last night but I just don’t think it would taste the same pureed!

Interstate State Park

I had never heard of this place when Terry suggested it but I now realize people usually call it Taylors Falls or St Croix Falls. There actually aren’t “falls” anymore but we won’t get into details!

Terry decided we should go here as part of my birthday celebration and I thought it was a great idea! Terry’s mom came with us as an extra pair of hands to help with Abigail (but we really like to hang out with her too!).

We took over 400 pictures & it was absolutely beautiful so even though there are a lot of pictures in this post, it’s a very small percentage!


I worked on a pair of socks, learned how to use my new compass (really not that hard!) and then we ate some brats off the grill!
IMG_2597 IMG_2598

It was a wonderful day!

We got Abigail in the backpack then started out on our pothole tour!

I was knitting during the tour but I was trying to be careful and not drop a needle into any of the potholes!
IMG_2651 IMG_2652
No matter how much I liked my needles or needed them I don’t think I’d climb down to get one that dropped!

Abigail only made it in the backpack for a little while until she got hungry, thankfully our tour was basically done then. So we sat on part of the cliff and enjoyed the view!

The St. Croix River
IMG_2635 IMG_2634


We stopped at Schoony’s Malt shop for a little refreshment & to avoid the Asian beetles that were everywhere!

Abigail liked the view on the bridge to Wisconsin

Kathy & I were shocked to see potholes on the Wisconsin side too!

She enjoyed the fall walk in the sling/wrap
so much that she fell asleep! I had to tuck her head in so it wouldn’t flop around


Terry almost convinced his mom to scale the side of the cliff, but she decided getting in a pothole was more her style!


Terry was a little concerned while he was in this pothole, he said the “bottom” didn’t feel very solid!

She woke up!

We found a couple little friends along our walk


Here I am contemplating the Abigail sized pothole

Mommy you’re right! This is fun!

Now for Daddy’s idea!

What’s that?

The pine needles and pine cones were more interesting than mom!

What a cutie!


Terry took this awesome photo

On our way home Terry was looking everywhere for a yarn shop for me to stop at and I didn’t even ask him too! We found a cute one in Lindstrom, Miss Elsie’s Yarnery. It’s actually part of Cottage Gifts so they have more than just yarn! I found some great yarn, Nashua Vignette, it’s a bulky superwash wool in very pretty colors! I picked out the Distant Mountains color. I started a hat on Monday and I just have to do the finishing on it tonight and then start the matching mittens!

Chocolate Cake Anyone?

What a week!

My birthday was last Wednesday and I turned 26.

Remember the cake my super wonderful awesome sister made me? Well, I brought it to work on Wednesday to share with everyone. More than one person asked if I made my own birthday cake, but I made sure they knew it was my sister! So we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and immediately after that we had chocolate cake.

Then the girls took me out to Macaroni Grill (thanks for taking the pictures Andrea!)
10-09-08 023

And after an awesome lunch of Penne Rustica I got another chocolate cake (our nice server actually gave us 2 of these! We brought one back to the office for the guys!)
10-09-08 019

I also got flowers for my desk from the office and they are still looking great a week later!

After work it was time for more celebrating!
Abigail got me a compass, survival whistle(also includes waterproof matches, flint, etc) and a single burner propane stove!
IMG_2524 IMG_2530

Terry got me an awesome lightweight sleeping bag and a really great set of stainless steel pans! I’ve used them a couple times and I really love them!
IMG_2533 IMG_2536

Abigail really liked the tissue paper in my presents!

Here is my 3rd Chocolate cake of the day
We didn’t eat it right then thankfully! We opened presents first so Abigail would be awake and happy for the pictures then we went to Famous Dave’s for supper.

This was her first time sitting in one of the typical restaurant highchairs and she had fun looking at people and playing until just before our food arrived! She did the same thing the next Saturday so we’re changing our strategy–we’re not going to put her in until our food arrives then at least we’ll have a few minutes to eat while she plays!

When we got home we did not eat chocolate cake thankfully! It was a small cake but we ate it over a couple nights which made it more of a treat!

Today the office had a little birthday celebration for Andrea and I because last week all the department heads were gone. So guess what they got me? A chocolate cake! I think I’m going to need a little break from chocolate for awhile!

A Birthday Weekend


We celebrated 6 birthdays this past Sunday. I’ll just give you a few highlights.

I’m pretty sure she liked her present… 🙂 It was some material to make a tablecloth, placemats (maybe) & napkins plus some paint to match. She asked for all these things because she’s going to make an orange & yellow tea set and she wanted material to go with it.

Terry & I got the Three Wisemen to add to our Nativity Set & special cakes for each of us!

IMG_2460 IMG_2459
Deb made a cake for me to bring to work on my birthday and she made Terry a cake for us to share on his birthday because it’s all the way at the end of the month. It’s hard to see but it says “Terry 28” on his cake. He won’t be 28 but he thought Deb was turning a year older than she actually was so she had to tease him back!

I gave Jeannette the Caledonian Mist socks I finished knitting that morning. She moved too fast for Terry to get a clear picture. Later she said that they really kept her feet warm! I’m so glad she likes them!

Abigail with her oldest uncle Jon:
Playing piano with her cousin Cora:
With her cousin Jenna:
With uncle Dan:

The sisters knitting:
I’m working on a hat for Abigail and Deb is working on her first sock! My mom is casting on for her second sock in the far left of the picture.

And I can’t forget to show you Melanie’s first taste of cake!

Uncommon topic

I will be skipping the usual talk of my super cute wonderful baby and my knitting today.

I know talk about the bailout is everywhere right now but I for one (and there are many, many more) do not think the bailout is a good or appropriate measure right now.

Norm Coleman admitted that the calls coming in to his office before the U.S. Senate voted on this unconstitutional bill were approximately 11,000 to 100 against the bill and yet he did not listen to the people he claims to represent.

Our country has gone through more than one bubble bursting in the past, we’ve all survived and our economy has held on and grown. A major reason we haven’t plunged into depressions because of those bubbles is because the government has left the private sector alone. Now, this year, today it decides that they (Congress) will be the saviors of us all by adding regulations and throwing money at us. Why is this crisis the one they decide to “fix”?

It is critical that our country look to the past and learn from it. This is an excellent article put out by the CATO Institute in September of 2005 regarding how government intervention actually caused the Great Depression rather than helping us out of it.

I believe we will be headed for another Great Depression if this bailout bill does pass in the U.S. House today. Government intervention into the private sector and the market has not worked in the past, so why should it work now?

**Just after I posted this, the House vote took place and the bailout bill was passed. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see exactly what the ramifications are.


I’m still working on the Caledonian Mist socks…getting much closer to done which is good because my time is almost up! I still don’t have a new picture of them but the second one looks almost exactly like the first one (aren’t you glad) and I’m almost that far.


I’m thinking about my next projects and which ones are going to have the soonest deadlines.  Thankfully I don’t officially have another thing that needs to be completed until the 1st week in Dec, but then Christmas is right around the corner so I should probably make a list outside of the one in my head so I don’t forget all my plans!

Terry & I were talking the other night about how much we spend on gifts and we set up a special sub-account in our savings account with ING just for Christmas & birthday gifts.  BTW I love ING and all the features you get but I think the best part is that you earn interest on your checking with no minimum balance and you get about 3.0% interest on checking & savings! If you decide to open up an account with them let me know because if you get referred I think we both get a little free money!

Anyway, I said to Terry that I’m going to try and make things for ppl for Christmas and he said, don’t you spend about that much to make something too? I had to admit that it doesn’t necessarily “save” money to make gifts for people and it adds some stress (when I get down to the wire on a deadline), but I really like to do it if I can!