Weekend Recap

Friday night we had supper at Woolley’s Bloomington. I bought a $25 gift certificate from Restaurant.com for $6 (rather than $10) by going through CouponMom.com. We had a good experience and realized after we got the bill that there were a few areas we could have saved some money besides just using a gift certificate.

I had a 12oz prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes and a ceasar salad. The prime rib was very tender and juicy. I enjoyed it. Terry had swordfish with basmatti rice and a ceasar salad. The swordfish had a mango sauce on it. Terry was expecting to be sweet and citrus but it was mostly just spicy.  He did enjoy the swordfish without the extra sauce.

Abigail was very well behaved and all the servers were impressed by her!

Then we brought Abigail down to Grandma Kathy’s while we went to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We really enjoyed this movie and it looks like they used this as a stepping stone for the next generation of Indiana Jones movies as Harrison Ford is starting to get pretty old.

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to the Renaissance Festival.
This was our first time and the most disappointing thing was the weather. It rained all day.
We tried the turkey legs–very good and took in the Mud Show among other things.

We tried to get a picture of our cousin Dan working at the Roasted Corn booth but he doesn’t like pictures.
That’s him through the window hiding from us. His coworkers kept warning him that Terry was coming with the camera.
Abigail got her first taste of a can of Diet Pepsi (don’t worry–it was just the can not the pop)
I got to try out my new Ultimate Baby Wrap.
Abigail liked it and liked laughing at her Daddy as well! She’s wearing the hat her Auntie April knit for her before she was born. Isn’t it cute on her?

Sunday after church we went to ApplianceSmart to look at dishwashers. We found one that we really liked and was a good deal but it was still more than we were planning on spending so we’ll be saving up for a couple more months and then we’ll look again. We were very tired after Friday & Saturday so we all took naps after we got home.

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