Labor Day Weekend

The weekend began with a trip down to Grandma Kathy’s to drop off the dogs.  Terry had to walk a mile (or so) to his car, drive to pick up Abigail, go home to get the dogs, then drive down to Prior Lake. I drove straight to Prior Lake and he arrived before I did–there was an accident at Cliff Road.  I’m so glad I don’t drive that route everyday anymore!

In every picture someone was moving–this time the blurry blob is Casey!

Saturday morning (okay it was actually noon) we left for my parents house. A quick stop at sam’s club to pick up reprints for them and some lunch for all 3 of us.
This was one of the pictures I cropped and got wallet prints of. Isn’t she cute?

Then a stop in Marshall to pick up a TracFone for my parents for their birthdays (if you want one that works on a CDMA network you have to buy it in the area it’s going to be used–they only have GSM TracFones in our area). We weren’t celebrating birthdays until Sunday but we figured it would be better for them to have a few more hours to learn things and work out the bugs so we gave it to them right after supper on Saturday.

Then Abigail got an education on the Twins from Grandpa (unfortunately they lost–she went to bed beforehand so she didn’t have to see the disappointment).


She was very well behaved except when she decided it would be fun to give Grandpa a hickey on his arm–he decided that wasn’t a good idea and gave her a pacifier instead.

I worked hard on the Starry Starry Night Socks for my sister (Knit Picks Gloss in Dolphin)


I wasn’t too concerned about getting them finished–I was working on the toe of the second sock. Then I took a little detour and helped my mom with her sock. It all worked out though because Abigail was up and hungry at 6am Sunday so I just stayed awake and finished knitting, grafting & weaving in ends before church. It is so nice to have a sister with the same size feet as you–i never have to guess on whether they will fit!


Abigail wasn’t thinking that a nap during church was a good idea, so she didn’t. We finally found a pack’n’play around 12:15pm and she slept in there for maybe 1/2 an hour while we ate (we were having a wedding reception lunch).

She finally got a nap in when we drove to my brother’s at 3pm and she slept until about 5:30 when everyone got back from playing on the lake. I got a much needed nap also!

We had bacon cheeseburgers on the grill, cheesy potatoes, potatoes & asparagus and chips. All were very tasty. My mom and I took care of the cake–My sister’s recipe for “The Best Deep Dark Chocolate Cake” with a yummy chocolate frosting that is more like a glaze, it’s got a real nice sheen to it once it dries.

My sister really liked her socks–she put them on right away!

Everyone had fun holding Abigail, playing with her and seeing how much she’s grown in the last month and a half!
I have a cute picture of the youngest cousins together! Melanie liked to try and hug Abigail until the camera came out–then she just wanted to smile for us. That was okay too!

We left for home Monday morning, stopped at Grandma Kathy’s, had an early supper with her and then brought the dogs home.

It was a very nice weekend!

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