Knitting & the RNC

At knitting last night I worked on the DIC Tulip Cardigan in the Rubies colorway. I started this on Monday afternoon. It’s coming along pretty quickly considering the amount of time I have for knitting is not as plentiful as it used to be!
I’ve knit the next color stripe (Ruby River–I think), divided for the sleeves and started the Dusky Aurora which is the 5th of 8 colors. When the stripes are finished I’ll go back and knit the same stripes down the sleeves and then do the edging and ties with the Ruby color.

I finished the first Caledonian Mist sock a few weeks ago. Started on July 24. Finished about 2 weeks later.
I love the way the ShiBui Knits Breeze colorway looks with this pattern (the yarn called for by the designer so I’d hope so!) I love these socks!
I’m also almost finished with my first sock of the Diagonal-Cross Rib socks from Favorite Socks. Details can be found here. I started this one on July 26 but stopped when I started the Starry Night socks for my sister on August 12.
Sunday afternoon I was 4 or 5 decrease rounds into the heel gusset and I got all the decreasing done and most of the foot done that day and Monday and I started the toe decreases on Wednesday.

So that would mean from July 24 – Sept 3 I’ve basically knit 2 pairs of socks. Only one is a full set, but I’m still working on the others!

Earlier in the evening on Thursday Abigail looked like this:

Deb–thanks for the cute outfit!

While I was gone she looked like this:
Feeding herself

And like this:
On a walk with Daddy

After I got home she looked like this:
Sleepy girl

Terry works in downtown St Paul close to the Xcel. Each day this week he’s been allowed to leave work 1 to 1/2 hours early in order to stay out of the RNC traffic and protests. Because of this Abigail has gotten much more Daddy time and less Mommy time than normal. I guess yesterday while I was out knitting she seemed sad and Terry could not get her to stay awake long enough for me to get home. So he let her doze next to him on the couch until I got home.
She did wake up soon after that last picture and we talked about her day and played pat-a-cake and smiled at each other before she decided she needed her last meal of the day.

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