Happy 4 Months!

On Saturday Abigail turned 4 months old–she spent a few hours in a parade listening to “Hi Baby” “Look at the baby” “It’s a baby!” She was a hit!
For a closer look at the sling she’s in:
It’s called an Eclecticos but unfortunately they are now discontinued. I borrowed this from April for the weekend just to see how it works.

Abigail chewing on her fingers last Tuesday (17 weeks)

I worked on the DIC Tulip Cardigan a bunch more this weekend. I finished the last stripe, measured the sweater and found that I must be a “bit” off on my row gauge (no row gauge was listed so I don’t know exactly how much). I knew my stitch gauge was off because I’m using smaller needles (US6 instead of US7) but I didn’t really think how that would also affect the length of the sweater. After finishing all eight colors & the edging the sweater should have been about 10.5 inches long from the top of the shoulder. I measured before starting the edging and was at about 8″–which would mean 2.5″ of seed stitch edging. I thought that would look a little funny since each stripe was about an inch wide. So I decided to repeat one of the colors to get the sweater to an acceptable length. I repeated Wisterious (the 3rd color from the previous picture/post). It looks good next to the last color Beach Fog and it comes immediately before Ruby River in the sweater which is also the edging color.

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