4 Month Update

Abigail went in for her 4 month doctor’s appointment on Monday. We got there early so i figured we’d wait around for a bit. I barely had a chance to sit down and look at the developmental checklist before they called us in.

She weighed in at 15lbs 2oz, height of 26in and a head circumference of 16in.

Then we waited quite awhile for her doctor to come in. He looked her over and said she’s doing just great! He said we’ll probably have to lay her down next time to look in her ears because she’s just so squirmy! My baby’s a mover! She’s never in the same spot in her crib in the morning–she’s usually facing the opposite direction!

When we got home there was a package on the step from Michelle & Scott our good friends from Washington! Inside was the cutest blanket that Michelle (I assume Scott didn’t make it) made just for Abigail! It is so soft and Abigail grabbed it right away!

I basically finished the DIC Tulip Cardigan on Saturday night after the Renaissance Festival. I still have a few ends left to weave in on the second sleeve. I decided to use the leftover yarn for a hat for Abigail using this pattern without the face. I’m using US4 dpns and making the color changes every 6 rows.

I’ll leave you with a video of Abigail playing in her exersaucer before bed on Monday night:

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