She just keeps on growing!

Abigail had her 2-month appointment on Monday so we finally know how much she weighs!  Our girl has gained 4 pounds since birth which brings her up to 11 lbs 6 oz, and she has grown 3 inches for a total height of 23 3/4 inches!  We knew she was getting bigger!

The doctor said she looks just great and is developing very well!  The only downer about the appointment was that Abigail had to get 4 shots and one oral vaccine!  The gave the shots very quickly (2 in each thigh) but she still got very upset and I felt bad for her.  Shots aren’t fun at any age!

1 day

15 days

1 month 3 days…playing air guitar!

6 weeks

7 weeks 5 days

2 months – Didn’t she get me a beautiful daisy?

She keeps changing every day!

She did get to go over to Grandma Kathy’s in the evening and she really enjoyed being comforted by grandma!  Also, Abigail was missing the dogs after being at camp for so long, so she said we had to go get them.

No, this isn’t a picture of Grandma. She managed to avoid being captured on camera with Abigail. Do you like her monkey suit? She got it from her uncle Jon “Monkey Boy” Myrvik.

To finish up the news from camp last week:

Notice anything different in this picture?  Maybe my husband’s lack of hair? He’d wanted to shave his head for a long time (pretty much as long as I’ve known him), but I always told him that I like him with hair.  Well, we both succumbed to peer pressure at camp and Terry became one of the baldy’s:

He also said he didn’t want Abigail to feel bad about her short hair so he wants to have less than her. 🙂

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  1. Cute pictures. Tim shaved his head once(other than Basic Training stuff). It was the day before the senior picnic and he got a nice sunburn. He has been talking about shaving it again.

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