A Storm & Visitors

Thursday night my parents came for a visit & a day of babysitting Abigail.

It was a pretty exciting day for her.  She had her grandparents there for a full day while mom & dad were at work, she got to try out a new type of bottle that was AWESOME! (Thanks Kirstin!) The previous bottles were not so good, she would end up needing at least one clothes change afterwards because of milk leekage!  Grandma & Grandpa also cleaned the house for us–I guess that was more exciting for me & Terry than Abigail! Then there was a pretty big storm that rolled through in the evening.

Didn’t Terry get an amazing picture of the storm?

While we were waiting out the storm in the basement Abigail wasn’t very happy, we tried a variety of different things & then Grandpa decided to give it a try.

He swung her back & forth like this & she sent multiple drool streams onto the floor & the dog!  That made her happy!

On Saturday morning I helped my mom start her first sock with some of my own stash (I need the help knitting it up!) J. Knits Superwash Me – Sock (Ravelry link) in the colorway Cincinnati. She wanted some real short socks for summer and I didn’t have any patterns like that so we just looked at another sock pattern and modified it a little for what she wanted.

I also wound some yarn (MadelineTosh Sock in Malachite) to start a new pair of socks with the pattern that came with the yarn from the yarn4socks sock club. The pattern is Scarborough Fair and is now available from the designer’s website.

My parents left early saturday afternoon and the rest of the weekend was rather “blah” due to my other visitor…a cold.  I’m doing much better than I was on Friday, but I think Abigail kinda caught it too as she hasn’t been a real happy camper this weekend either!

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  1. Sorry if some of those bottles were from us. We never used any of them much to really know how well they worked.

    Hope you and Abigail feel better soon. Andrew was really stuffy a couple times when he was little and the only way we could get him to eat was to put him in the sling so he was almost straight up and down and nurse him. Saline nose drops can be helpful too.

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