Yesterday Abigail had a quick trip to the doctor to make sure she was at least up to her birth weight. She weighed in at 7lbs 10oz! She’s gained 9oz since last Wednesday & 12oz since we left the hospital.

I also picked up some great fabric for making a sling for Abigail & ordered a pair of slingrings.

Sling Fabric Sling Fabric

Grandpa Mike came over last night to visit and we borrowed him some seafoam engine treatment so he could get home on his motorcycle.

Grandpa Mike & Abigail

While he was here I took advantage of the other hands holding our dear baby and i knit some more on the squares for the Textured Pillow. I’ve got 3 done, 5 to go!

Textured Pillow Squares

After Mike left Terry read a story to Abigail and we put her to bed!

Terry holding Abigail

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