Babies need things…

I’m using this post as a central location where friends and family can easily look and find out what things we need for our new baby.

We are registered at:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Our Walmart registry doesn’t have very many things on it and most of them aren’t available in-store. They do have the convenience of free shipping to any of their stores though (for most things).

Some other things we would greatly appreciate:

  • Pre-made meals for our freezer (very helpful in the first couple of weeks home!).
  • Little Golden Books & Arch Books
  • Baby outfits – We put some specific items on our registry, but anything cute will do!
  • Baby toys – Again, you don’t have to be limited to the things we put on our registry.
  • Books about baby care.

Through rain & sleet & snow

Last Thursday was a nasty day weather wise but Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, our very own Yarn Harlot arrived in Minnesota safe & sound.

She was preceded by the Yarnery Family Singers which were an absolute riot and a lot of yarn was given away.

Here is my proof that I was indeed at the event and got to meet Stephanie for the first time. She didn’t get to put any knitting needles in my baby’s hand, but we did lay our socks on my belly!

Me, the Yarn Harlot & our socks