My Husband is AWESOME!

I’ve always thought that my husband was awesome but I have an extra good reason today.

He had this big test at work that he could schedule to take any time but he decided to take it today because salary recommendations are this Friday. He studied a bunch and got a 96%!! The first test he had to take he got a 93% on so he is doing really great! He also got a great recommendation from one of his co-workers today!

When I got home from work I asked how we should celebrate and he said we should go find a geocache! If you don’t know what a geocache is just google it and you’ll learn! So we changed clothes and went to a park a few blocks from our house.

We tramped through the slushy snow–realized that boots would have been better than tennis shoes–and walked through the woods a little ways. I stayed mostly on the trail and he looked through the trees, snow, logs, etc. His GPS pointed to a 3 or 4 foot deep hole, but wasn’t going to attempt looking in there when it was filled with snow. The area was pretty easy to find, so we’re planning a return trip as soon as the snow melts.

We got some good pictures on the way back to the car:

A Walk in the Snowy Woods

On a knitting note:

I worked on two wool soakers this weekend and realized that the soaker I finished a few weeks ago was not as “newborn” sized as I hoped. It looked like it would be a better fit for my 4.5 month old, 17lbs niece. Oh well, the new soakers are much smaller.

I used Mooncake Yarn Tranquility from The Yarn Cafe in Lavender and the Classic Wool Soaker pattern from Little Turtle Knits. I actually got the pattern from the book 100 Knitting Patterns published by Patons (I think).

Wool Soaker

These two are knit using Noelles Noodles Handpainted Aran Merino bought from Eat.Sleep.Knit and the Ribby Wrap pattern from Little Turtle Knits. I made the newborn and small sizes from the same skein and I still have a decent amount leftover.
Ribby Wrap Soakers

I need to find buttons for both wraps and just finish the last couple rows of ribbing on the larger one along with the edging and gussets!