A Couple of Updates

I’ve been wanting to update my stash on Ravelry but the logistics were bogging me down. My computer is in the basement, all my yarn is on the main floor in the “nursery” & the picture taking places are in the living room. I didn’t want to drag all my yarn into the living room take pictures of all of it, then drag it all down to the basement so I could catalog it all.

So, my wonderful hubby gave up his laptop for a little while & even took my camera downstairs to download the pics for me. I don’t have it all in yet (I didn’t want to commandeer the computer for too long & he was starting to look sad), but I do have most of my sock yarn in–I think. I still have a few more projects to both take pics of and add to Ravelry but it’s coming along alright now.

Harvey Kimono

Here is the completed Harvey Kimono (minus the buttons–I figure with the 6 months size I can wait a little bit on those). I used the pattern from Natural Knits for Babies & Moms with slight modifications. I got this book from my m-i-l for Christmas. I really enjoy looking at the different patterns but this is the only one I’ve knit so far. Many of the patterns call for dk weight yarn which I really don’t have in my stash. The Swish Superwash I used is a worsted weight but it actually worked out well and I did get the gauge called for.

There is the most darling little flower dress in there that I just have to make as soon as I find the right colors. I really like what they use in the book but I haven’t been in a yarn shop (with time) in a while so have not yet found what I’m looking for. I feel like the computer monitor lies to me about the colors so I would prefer to hold it in my hands and see if it matches rather than hope and be disappointed.

I’m also working on “What I hope turns into a Shawl.” It is still quite small at the moment and I have no idea how much the second chart adds on to it. The first chart ended at the pointy top of the “leaves” or “petals” or whatever they are.  This is a German pattern for a tablecloth and while the chart has been interpreted for me, the name hasn’t. Shawl

I went up to a US 5 rather than the US 3 that I started with mostly out of desperation & bad planning on my part.

I worked on this last spring, it went well, got a decent ways into the second chart and screwed something up. Soon after this little roadblock I read this and thought I could surely do the same. Mine was only a couple rows back and there wasn’t a double YO in sight.

Unfortunately I was thinking more about my abilities and less about my circumstances. I had just started a full-time accounting job with a commute of more than an hour a day, I didn’t live in my own house, had no place to pin this out, oodles of dog hair and the only thing I wanted to do when I got home was sleep. I did realize these things in short order, but figured we would be finding a house of our own soon and I would surely have a room where I could pin this out and leave it if need be.

Well, we found a house 6 months ago and all this shawl did was sit on the shelf begging to be looked at.  I managed to ignore it until President’s day weekend when in a fit of desperation for things to bring on a weekend away I grabbed it intending to just start over.

Saturday afternoon arrives and the perfect time to work on this. I frogged the whole thing, then went to grab my dpn’s.  Oh wait, I didn’t have any extra needles with me.  All I had was the 5 & 6’s for the mittens in progress that kept putting me to sleep.  So I finished up the cuff with the 5’s and cast on the shawl. The other reason I frogged it was because in the 9 months that it sat around neglected, I managed to forget what row I was on. Go figure.

I think once it’s blocked it will look really nice on the 5’s, a little more airy and bigger–which is what I’m hoping for.