Christmas is coming

On Saturday one of my SIL’s informed me that it is only 9 days until Christmas. I really didn’t appreciate the update… I only have one project to finish by Christmas anyway (actually Christmas Eve, since we decided to open those presents a day early), but I have yet to start. A week ago Saturday I wound the yarn in preparation, so I could start at any moment that I got the inkling….as of yet I have not. Now it has become less than 9 days, and I must start tonight.

I have 2 other projects to finish before the 29th. One is clipping along nicely and I have no worries about finishing it on time. The other has been mostly done since Thanksgiving, I have one small section (5 inches long over about 14 stitches) left to knit, then felting, drying, lining & a button until completion. and I still have more than 9 days for both of those projects.

I am taking this Thursday off from work in order to get a bit more sleep, finish some knitting, cleaning, laundry….maybe I should start a schedule so I actually accomplish something other than knitting? No, the presents really are the most pressing need at the moment, especially since my husband is so wonderful around the house!

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