Handspinning Fiber with a Drop Spindle

A few weeks ago I met up with my sister-in-law and she let me borrow a drop spindle and some new fiber (BFL wool). She had just received a fiber sampler from Hello Yarn that day. I didn’t know anything about spinning yarn, but she just told me to look on the internet and I’d figure it out because she had to bring her boys home for naps. I found a couple places that had some pictures and a long explanation about how to do it but I was still a little confused. This afternoon while watching O Canada to the Yarn Harlot one of the video suggestions that came up was called Drop Spindle Basics. This video is about 7.5 minutes long and it is very informative. Abby shows many angles and what can happen if your spindle starts spinning backwards. She also has other videos on YouTube about plying yarn and such. Hope you learn as much as I did!