Christmas Gifts are Finished!

I am happy to report that all my Christmas knitting is finished and it’s not Dec. 26th! Wohoo! I added a hat to the mittens I finished for my dad a couple weeks ago. I used the same Artful Yarns Museum. It was also a very fast knit that I just made up the pattern for.

My Dad's Christmas Hat

My Dad's Christmas Hat

I finished a scarf for my mom the weekend before finals and decided that she should have some mittens to go with it similar to the ones I made for myself. I decided this after she put my mittens on every time I took them off….maybe she was hinting, maybe not but I took the bait anyway.

My Mom's Chistmas Scarf and Mittens

My Mom's Christmas Scarf

My Mom's Christmas Mittens

I used the same Artful Yarns Portrait Mohair for her scarf and her mittens but I added Cascade Yarns Jewel Hand Dyed to the mittens.

I had a decent amount of yarn left after the mitten so I had to choose something to finish it off with…I just couldn’t leave the excess in a ball, it was just too fun to knit with! I also had some yarn left from my mittens but not as much. My sister-in-law suggested a tote. Well, i decided this was a great idea but I just made a little wristlet knitting bag and I completely used up the excess of both yarns!

Knitting Wristlet

Knitting Wristlet

I finished this in an evening (albeit a long one) and the next day I was at a Holiday event waiting in line knitting a sock held in this bag. A couple people commented on my knitting and on my bag, they thought both were cool and I certainly agree!

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