Thanksgiving Motivation!

Thanksgiving Day started out pretty normal. My husband and I went to my parents for a noon meal, along with one of my brothers. My other siblings were celebrating elsewhere. We did not have the traditional turkey but the traditional stuffing was present. Our stomachs were stuffed with stuffing and all the other good food at the table. Since it was so nice outside we played ladder golf for a while then had pie. Then it was off to home to pack and get on the road to see the rest of the relatives! I did a good job working on my homework during the trip up until I got so frustrated by the tax return problem I was working on that I gave up and didn’t look at it again for the rest of the weekend. So instead I put my motivation into….you guessed it! Knitting! I feel very good about what I got accomplished.

First Jaywalker Done!

I actually finished this sock on the 19th I think. Here’s how far I’ve gotten on the next one.


I’m just a couple rows from starting the heel. I doubled the size of this sock while walking around the Science Museum today. Body Worlds was an interesting exhibit.

On Friday night after shopping and going to the movie Casino Royale I decided to cast on for a pair of mittens for my dad for Christmas. I finished them roughly a couple hours later (I had to eat supper and cut my B-I-L’s hair in the middle).

My Dad's Christmas Mittens

They are one skein mittens made from Artful Yarns Museum. There is more color variation than can be seen in this picture. I made the large adult size from a pattern given to me by my LYS and I actually had to make the thumb on the second mitten one row shorter than the other one otherwise I would have run completely out of yarn! Thankfully one of my dad’s thumbs is shorter than the other. If I had known it was going to be that short I would have made a couple of my ends shorter to allow the thumbs to be the same. I will know for next time!

I picked up the newest Interweave Knits magazine at Target this weekend. I love so many of the patterns and I learned so much about steeking from it. I had heard snippets about it but it was never described in detail besides the words “scissors” and “cut armhole”! Which didn’t help me get excited about starting a sweater that required it! Anyway, so one of the patterns is the Cable and Bobble Headband. So I stopped at Michael’s on the way to my F-I-L’s house and picked up a skein of Paton’s Classic Wool Merino in Wedgewood and cast on. I also finished that on Saturday (technically it was Sunday when I finished because I hadn’t yet put the pom-pom’s on the ends).

Cable and Bobble Headband

Detailed Cable and Bobble Headband

This is a winter headband that goes over your ears and ties with i-cords under your hair. A very quick knit!

Then just a picture of the socks for my other B-I-L for his birthday in about a week and a half.

My Brother-in-law's birthday socks

These don’t look very big but they are quite stretchy because it’s basically a spiraled rib throughout the sock. They are tube socks (no heel to knit or turn) so they are pretty fast too.

I think that was all I did with my weekend off….oh and struggle to navigate through icy windows for about 40 miles. That’s it.

A Month (or so) in Review

I finished these socks for my sister’s birthday on Thursday, November 2nd during a candidate’s debate at SMSU.
My Sister's Birthday Socks

The debate wasn’t finished yet so I decided to finish another project. This one for my dear husband, Terry.

My Husband's New Mittens

The right one was waiting about a week or so for a mate and I finished the left on November 3rd. The pattern is from Sally Melville’s book The Purl Stitch. This book was the first knitting book I bought when I started knitting a year ago and it is the most wonderful reference book! I have learned so much from it that I teach my mother things and she has been knitting most of her life! The pattern is the Canadian Winter Hat and Mitts. I used the large size with size 10 DPNs because that is what the Cascade Ecological Wool called for. The yarn is SOOOO soft! I love it! Last christmas I made Terry a scarf from the same skein. (KnitPicks’ Windowpane Seaman’s Scarf)

On November 4th I started Grumperina’s Jaywalkers in Regia. I love them!!!

My Jaywalker's

While reading some of the Yarn Harlot‘s Archives I came across a post where she describes her experience with the Jaywalkers, noting that if making them for someone who does not have both slender calves and feet that you may need to use size 2 DPNs instead of the size 1 due to the inelasticity of the pattern stitch. At this point I got a little worried because I do not have the most slender calves….so I figured I would compensate by making the leg a little shorter. Today my Jaywalker’s look like this:

Jaywalker's 11-10-06

I tried them (it) on this morning…and alas…I should have checked on the day I started….I will be ripping them out and starting over with size 2… *sigh* …at least it’s been a fast knit for me!

Another project that I started this summer was a sweater for Terry. It’s not very far done but I make progress every once in a while on it. It’s is the To the Cottage Pullover also from the book The Purl Stitch by Sally Melville.

Terry's Sweater in Progress

I am also working on a pair of socks for my brother-in-law for his birthday (I started them the same day as the Jaywalkers) and I will post a picture later.

The rest of the weekend needs to involve the outlining and memorizing of a speech regarding the wisdom of school vouchers and who should do something about it. But I’m sure I’ll find some time to knit too!