Striped Baby Sweater Finished!

We had a parade today for Boxelder Bug Days, Last-Minute Stripes Sweaterit was cold and misty all day but it managed to avoid an all out rain. It was the 125th Anniversary of our town’s founding so there were big goings on all weekend.

We even had a good show of fireworks last night! I probably won’t be seeing those again in our town unless I’m around for their 150th!

With all of that going on I still managed to find a little time to do homework and work on my knitting! I finished knitting the neck this morning and weaving in the ends (while watching the parade) of the baby sweater I previously posted about. Here it is! I’m very excited and I think they will really like it! I havn’t gotten the booties very far done yet but those will knit up quickly now that the sweater is complete. I will post a picture of those and a link to the pattern as soon as they are done.Sweater on Bear

I decided since my mother had a bear sitting right there while I was taking pictures I would try it on the bear. It was a little long, but other wise fit well. Hopefully I will be able to get a picture of little Naomi wearing it sometime!




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