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I am a senior in college, majoring in accounting, and cannot be done soon enough. Not because I dislike college or the friends I have here but because I have so many things I would love to be working on in my free time. The problem is having NO free time. I manage to work knitting projects, books, cleaning, and aspirations of sewing projects and hanging with my husband into the schedule but generally the time I spend is not free. I feel that as important as school is, you need to have productive things to do besides school work. I do well in school but I could do much better if I focused on my studies more than the things I enjoy. Oh well, only 9 months left. Why change now?

I actually only started knitting about a year ago so that has been a recent addition to the “I don’t really feel like doing homework” time. And now as i write this, I have a resume to finish for a class but it’s not due until 4:30 so I’ll be alright. The only way I can be assured to finish my work while I’m at school is to leave my knitting at home or to leave it in the car parked eons away. This makes me sad though because I have this really cute 3-6 month baby sweater that I only have 1/2 an arm to finish and I had to leave it at home :-(. I’ll definitely get on that tonight though! I’m using KnitPicks Simple Stripes sock yarn in Vineyard and it’s turning out really well. I’m also going to make some matching crawling booties. These are for a friend from church who just had a little girl on Tuesday night. I haven’t gone to visit yet because I want to finish this project for her first. I’ll post a picture as soon as I finish it. Unfortunately KnitPicks no longer has the pattern on their site.

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