The Weekend

The booties are all done!

Newborn Crawling Booties

Now I’m “just” working on the socks for my sister.

Aran Braided Socks
I was at my mother-in-law’s house this weekend so I used her camera to get some better pics of my projects. My sister-in-law has not had her baby yet(as far as I know), though she is more than ready to hold him in her arms! Terry is still at work (at Valleyfair) so I’m just waiting for him to get done so we can come home for another week of school.

Next Saturday is my last day helping out working at Steel Venom at Valleyfair! Then, I’ll just be working in Finance again which is just fine with me!

Too Much School

I know that I am paying for school and I’m taking a full load of classes, but sometimes there is just too much schoolwork to be done. I have been up to my ears in homework, projects, tests and a memorized speech. I wasn’t incapable of getting these things finished in a reasonable amount of time but I really wanted to knit! So rather than knitting or doing homework, I did random other things that I don’t enjoy as much or find as relaxing. It seems strange I know, but I knew I shouldn’t be working on my knitting because I had important things that needed to be done for school. Long story short, I burned the midnight oil a few nights and also the hour before class oil and the 1/2 … well you get the picture.Baby Booties

As you can see from the picture, I did finish my first bootie….two days after my last post, 1 1/2 weeks ago. It only took a couple of sittings on one day to finish. I’m very happy with how the first one turned out. After starting the second this past weekend, I realized that though I tried my hardest to start at the same spot in the yarn so the booties would match…alas, they will not match. Apparently I rewrapped the end of my first ball of yarn so I cast on for the first bootie from the end. Not a problem until I started from the beginning on a 3/4 full skein. The dark brown will be in the same spots on both and the light brown and magenta will be swapped. Hopefully it will look alright.

I am also working on a pair of socks for my sister. I do not have a picture yet as my camera would not cooperate with me and thought that the socks really needed to be washed out so you couldn’t see the pattern! I’m using the Aran Braided Socks pattern from KnitPicks. Once I figure out a better place/time/camera i will get a picture up….maybe even with them on her feet!

I’m so happy I have a few days without loads of homework so I can work on my projects! I have ideas of things to knit for people falling out my ears everyday and I don’t have the time to get them done in time for an appropriate event. I have a sweater for my husband that I told him about last fall, just started it this summer when I got some Wool of the Andes in Winter Night from KnitPicks. When will I finish it? Maybe for next Christmas….. 🙂

I just want to put a little blurb in about my sister-in-law April. She is due with their second child in 1 week (Sept. 27) and has been working really hard getting things knitted and diapers made and everything. I keep being inspired by her knitting and all the other things she does. Even if she doesn’t know it, she has taught me a lot of the things I know about knitting and I love getting to spend time with her and the rest of her family. She also has a blog and everyone should go there to see her projects!

Striped Baby Sweater Finished!

We had a parade today for Boxelder Bug Days, Last-Minute Stripes Sweaterit was cold and misty all day but it managed to avoid an all out rain. It was the 125th Anniversary of our town’s founding so there were big goings on all weekend.

We even had a good show of fireworks last night! I probably won’t be seeing those again in our town unless I’m around for their 150th!

With all of that going on I still managed to find a little time to do homework and work on my knitting! I finished knitting the neck this morning and weaving in the ends (while watching the parade) of the baby sweater I previously posted about. Here it is! I’m very excited and I think they will really like it! I havn’t gotten the booties very far done yet but those will knit up quickly now that the sweater is complete. I will post a picture of those and a link to the pattern as soon as they are done.Sweater on Bear

I decided since my mother had a bear sitting right there while I was taking pictures I would try it on the bear. It was a little long, but other wise fit well. Hopefully I will be able to get a picture of little Naomi wearing it sometime!




My Free Time

I am a senior in college, majoring in accounting, and cannot be done soon enough. Not because I dislike college or the friends I have here but because I have so many things I would love to be working on in my free time. The problem is having NO free time. I manage to work knitting projects, books, cleaning, and aspirations of sewing projects and hanging with my husband into the schedule but generally the time I spend is not free. I feel that as important as school is, you need to have productive things to do besides school work. I do well in school but I could do much better if I focused on my studies more than the things I enjoy. Oh well, only 9 months left. Why change now?

I actually only started knitting about a year ago so that has been a recent addition to the “I don’t really feel like doing homework” time. And now as i write this, I have a resume to finish for a class but it’s not due until 4:30 so I’ll be alright. The only way I can be assured to finish my work while I’m at school is to leave my knitting at home or to leave it in the car parked eons away. This makes me sad though because I have this really cute 3-6 month baby sweater that I only have 1/2 an arm to finish and I had to leave it at home :-(. I’ll definitely get on that tonight though! I’m using KnitPicks Simple Stripes sock yarn in Vineyard and it’s turning out really well. I’m also going to make some matching crawling booties. These are for a friend from church who just had a little girl on Tuesday night. I haven’t gone to visit yet because I want to finish this project for her first. I’ll post a picture as soon as I finish it. Unfortunately KnitPicks no longer has the pattern on their site.